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  1. Intro

  2. Grand Prix

  3. Pole Position

  4. Monte Carlo

  5. Triple Crown

  6. Team Principal

  7. Star and a Stunner

  8. Prince of Monaco

‘Grand Prix’  is an album that uses the metaphor of Formula 1 racing and its competitive spirit/looking ahead attitude, and translating it towards life and what we’re faced with. Especially in the music industry where it feels very competitive and somewhat cut throat, rebus translated towards the adrenaline and fast paced nature of what the environment is. 

Grand Prix this song has a dual meaning. It’s a hopeful and upbeat song that represents getting in your groove and moving within the environment you’re meant to be in. It also invites the audience to join along for the ride and ‘meet me at the finish line’. The second meaning is darker, which is a guy that’s heading at full speed towards death, and has bypassed all of the trivial things in life - and sarcastically invites people to meet him at his darkest point. 

Triple Crown an optimistic song about pushing your team and the people around you towards the ‘prize’. 

Team Principal an ode to team leaders, with general patton opening up to set the tone.

Prince of Monaco a tribute to Ayrton Senna, one of the personified inspirations for this album - and the ending signifies the end of an era, as the next album will be more serious.

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