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Previously known as ‘The Meta4 Revue’ - 'Sundara' launched his sound in New York City, which combined elements of blues, art pop, grunge, and electronic music into sleek and soulful lyricism. As a music project, ‘Sundara’ has set the stage for a tailored adventure of escapism, nostalgia, and distinguished flair - while exploring a bespoke charm delivered with an elegant melodic artistry.

His debut album, Magnum Opera, was released in May 2020, encompassing an Ian Fleming style and class, cut from a New York City debonair fabric, and woven into a polished electro pop musicality. The follow up album ‘Grand Prix’ which was released in Spring 2022, captured the energetic optimism of moving ahead towards a new chapter of life. All of this is thoughtfully woven using the theme of Formula 1, which captures the fast paced and competitive nature of the music industry that has been set before the 31 year old singer/producer.

Sundara is on track to release the third album in the timeline, and the first album since the artist re-brand - which will be ‘Death of a Salesman’. This is set to be the most personal album so far, and will create a universal theme of growing out of what no longer serves us, and is also the debut message for the global rebrand.

Stay tuned, and Enter the Gold.



An Entrancingly stylistic infusion of blues, art pop, and electronica.


The Meta4 Revue : Magnum Opera (Album Review)


In Conversation with 'The Meta4 Revue' and their sensational new labour of love - ‘MAGNUM OPERA’, when soul meets 007.


An Interview with Sundara


Music Created from a Life Lived with Intention

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