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  1. Maltese

  2. Chocolat

  3. Femme Fatale

  4. Crawling up Your Spine

  5. Hang On

  6. Apollo

  7. Retrograde

The entire album is an escapism with the theme of sexuality laced in throughout. The track listing is meant to showcase the timeline of an affair, even though each song could also be about a different partner on its own.

Maltese opens up with the mystery and intrigue of the affair starting, but being okay with not being in control.


Chocolate reflects the confidence, effort, and bravado that comes from the confirmation that this is indeed a strong attraction.

Crawling up your Spine is the climax.

Hang on is the understanding that the affair will have an expiration date, and that it’s two people enjoying the comforts of that toxicity.

Retrograde is the regret of getting involved with that person, and is the sobering aspect of realising how sex is something that is an energy exchange and to ultimately protect that energy.

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